What makes Yemen coffee beans the best-tasting coffee in the world? We’ll be sure to give you a detailed rundown about this tasty brew.


Coffee beans have been around for centuries, it’s been one of the main commodities since the beginning of international trade, mostly because of the numerous benefits that it provides. Coffee gives people the ability to focus on their tasks. The first and by far the oldest form of coffee had originated from the Arab world. Yemen coffee beans are pretty well known globally for their aroma and flavor that just hits differently once brewed and poured into a nice mug that you can enjoy in the mornings, especially when paired with Arabic food like Kabsa. There is a delicate process in the development of these beans and to help you get a better understanding of how it’s processed and produced, we’ve listed a few details that will make your coffee experience all the more intriguing when you order your next cup of Yemeni coffee at an Arabic restaurant in Chicago.


The climate in Yemen usually reaches high temperatures and drought-like conditions which makes this the perfect weather condition to contribute to the harvesting process of coffee beans. A small red fruit known as Cherries from Arabica plants are carefully picked; Within the layer of this fruit, you’ll find beans that are handpicked and sun dried. This method is called the drying process which is a technique that has stayed the same for several hundred years. This process is a major contributor to why Yemeni coffee obtains its rich aroma. The geography and its natural method of care represent the distinct flavor profile that these beans bring out when you take the first sip from your cup.


Yemeni coffee is known for its rich winey taste reinforced by the spicy aroma, it carries a faint note of chocolate. To give you a better idea of what it tastes like, imagine the flavor of dates, cinnamon, and chocolate, all three just casually swirling in your mouth in tune with one another as if performing a vibrant yet sensual dance on your palate. Instead of being overly bitter the coffee in question has a really good balance between the richness of chocolate and the tanginess of spice. This drink isn’t over the top and is a perfect way to either start your mornings or to drink at parties.  

Prep work  

To fix up a good cup of Yemeni coffee one has to consider the means of how it’s prepared. To brew a delicious cup of Yemeni coffee you have to make sure that the coffee beans are grounded into an almost flour-like consistency. It is highly recommended that you don’t use a modern coffee maker to help you fix up a warm cup of Yemeni coffee as it is typically prepared over a stove top. Once you’ve placed in 6 teaspoons of coffee grinds, add a cup of water. The key to avoiding clumps in your coffee is to stir the coffee grinds well that way once the water has boiled, you’ll be left with a coffee whose texture becomes thick. Once you see that it has now taken up the consistency of steamed milk, you’ll know that it is ready to serve. To add a bit of spice into the drink some often add in ginger to the mix but it’s not exactly mandatory.

 A good cup of freshly brewed Yemen coffee beans is served in small cups that are about two ounces in size. You can either drink this delicious cup of coffee on its own or you can pair it with some tasty Arabic food like Kabsa, Baklava or even dates. Craving for quality middle eastern dishes that’s cooked and prepared authentically? Shibam restaurant is an Arabic restaurant in Chicago that focuses on Halal dishes that’s bound to make your mouth water. Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to provide you quality cuisine that you won’t soon forget.